Corporate Services Celebrates 30 Years of Success

2023 officially marks 30 years for Corporate Services! Founded in December 1993, with the passion for helping businesses both big and small run more efficiently, Corporate Services continues to offer software solutions and services made to fit every client's needs.

Through launching their first software solution, RTMS, Corporate Services was able to address the complex needs of the ever-changing oilfield industry by automating services for oilfield rental, oilfield supply, equipment rental and more. Later in 1998, TrakQuip was launched to accommodate any industry that rents, sells or manages assets.

Corporate Services' latest software solution, known as BASIS, was launched in 2015 and continues to be the top product used by clients of the business. Using technology, BASIS accommodates any industry that rents, sells or manages assets and offers the most comprehensive feature-rich software solution in today’s market.

With 30 years of experience helping businesses in the oil & gas industry, truck & trailer industry, construction rental industry, and several other industries, Corporate Services is here to help your business succeed! The team of experts at Corporate Services is committed to excellent customer service and is ready to work with you and your employees to find and implement the perfect software solution that'll fit your business' needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our software solutions can help your business succeed!

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